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Cosmetic Dentist Kalamazoo MI Dental Implants VeneersWe love reading breaking news regarding our favorite celebrities. We keep tabs on their newest looks and upcoming projects. Also, we tend to form beauty ideals based on popular celebrity looks. Here a few fun dental facts about some popular celebs.
  • Tyra Banks – According to the New York Times, Tyra Banks has 275 different smiles. She boasts that she crafted her different smiles for many years, and it’s easy for her to switch grins.
  • Sofìa Vergara – When she lived in Columbia, the Modern Family actress went to school to be a dentist, but she decided her true passion was to be an actress. She is a funny lady, and we appreciate her dedication to oral health. Plus, she has a beautiful set of straight, pearly whites.
  • Halle Berry – Many fans admire Berry’s infectious smile. Apparently, many patients are getting press-on veneers that are identical to Halle Barry’s grin.
We agree that Banks, Vergara and Berry have gorgeous smiles, but your Kalamazoo cosmetic dentist wants to do more than give you a star’s smile. Drs. Paul Busch and Stephanie Busch-Abbate want to give you a customized smile that you can call your own.
At Busch Gentle Dentistry, we can offer more than teeth whitening and veneers. As cosmetic dentists, a major part of our training and skills are meant for restorative treatments. We want to improve your smile by restoring it. In Kalamazoo, dentures, crowns and cosmetic fillings are three of our major cosmetic/restorative services. We also provide braces, teeth whitening and veneers. It’s a team effort to produce your individualized smile.