Cosmetic Filling

Cosmetic Fillings

Many patients want a more natural appearance and choose tooth colored fillings over conventional silver colored fillings. Natural looking materials that range from composite resins to porcelain are used to create fillings that match the natural tooth color. The downside of the method is the materials are not as strong or durable as dental amalgam, which means the fillings may need to be replaced more frequently. At Gentle Dentistry, we provide several options for cosmetic fillings in Kalamazoo, MI.

Cosmetic Filling Kalamazoo, MI

Alternatives to Amalgam Fillings

  • Composite Fillings – These fillings are made with a mixture of resins and fine particles, which is designed to appear like natural teeth. Composites are not as strong as dental amalgam and may need to be bonded or cemented to the tooth to improve adhesion.

  • Ionomers – These materials are crafted with acrylic resins and ground glass to provide a natural tooth colored filling. Because it is more fragile than dental amalgam, this type of filling is generally reserved for areas near the gum line or tooth root where biting pressure is not required. The compounds release a small amount of fluoride to strengthen the tooth enamel surrounding the filling.

  • Porcelain (Ceramic) Fillings – Porcelain, ceramic, and glass powder are combined to create a material that is used in porcelain fillings and other restorations. Porcelain fillings are stronger than ionomers, but biting pressures can fracture the fillings. This type of filling is generally used for crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers.

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