dental crowns

Dental Crowns Kalamazoo, MI

Dental Crowns Kalamazoo, MI

At Gentle Dentistry, we provide a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures, including dental crowns for our patients in and around Kalamazoo, MI. Crowns are synthetic caps that are designed to cover the natural tooth. This procedure is effective for strengthening and restoring the function and appearance of a damaged or decayed tooth.

A dental crown is made with a synthetic material, often porcelain, to mimic the appearance of natural teeth.  The dentist will often recommend a crown after a root canal procedure, particularly when the amount of decay required large portions of the tooth to be removed. This leads to a weakening of the tooth structure, so a crown is used to restore the strength and function of the tooth. They are also used to cover implants, attach bridges, and cracked teeth to prevent further damage of the tooth structure. In cosmetic dentistry, they are sometimes used to restore severely discolored or stained teeth.

The Procedures:

Prior to placing a dental crown, the tooth size must be reduced to accommodate the crown. The dentist makes an impression or digital scan of the tooth and it is either sent to a lab or milled in-office to be custom fabricated. The dentist may place a temporary crown until the permanent crown can be made. Once it is ready, the crown will be cemented in place. Many times, the crown can be completed within one day.

Dental crowns are sometimes confused with veneers, but they are quite different. Veneers are typically applied only to relatively small areas.

Caring For Dental Crowns

Routine dental hygiene for crowns is the same as for natural teeth. It is important to floss to avoid the buildup of debris and plaque around the crown. With proper care, you crown will last for many years, but there are some things to avoid. Grinding the teeth, clenching the jaw, and eating hard, brittle foods can shorten the life of your crown. Limit foods, such as hard candy and ice to avoid damage.

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