Gum Surgery Post-Op

Post-Op Instructions After Gum Surgery in Kalamazoo, MI


1 - It is normal to experience some bleeding, swelling, and pain after gum surgery.


2 - Any medications prescribed by the dentist should be taken according to instructions.


3 - On the day of the surgery, an ice bag should be applied to the face at the surgical site. The ice should be placed on the area for ten minutes and taken off for five minutes.


4 - It is important to stick to any follow up appointments to have sutures removed and allow the dentist to check the healing progress.


5 - You should not use your fingers to raise your lips to look at the surgical area.


6 - Avoid brushing the teeth near the area where the surgery was performed, but brush your other teeth.


7- After gum surgery, you may experience a lack of feeling in the surgical area and teeth can feel loose. This is a temporary problem that will resolve, as the area heals.


8 - Avoid spitting or using a straw on the day of surgery and smoking should be avoided for a few days.


9 - If you have any problems after gum surgery, we encourage you to contact our Kalamazoo, MI office without hesitation.