Restore Implants

Restore Implants Kalamazoo, MI
Restore Implants Kalamazoo MI

For many years, dentures were the only option for missing teeth. The development of dental implants enabled dentists to provide a more natural feeling, permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. The implant provides a foundation to hold artificial teeth or fixed bridges. Our dentists offer implant dentistry in our Kalamazoo, MI dental office.

The procedure requires several visits. A titanium implant is surgically implanted and anchored to the jawbone. Over a period of about six months, the tissue heals around the implant, holding it in place. Once healing is complete, the dentist will attach a replacement tooth or permanent bridge.

Types of Implants

Full Upper Replacements

  • This procedure is used to replace the entire upper set of teeth when all teeth are missing. Some can be removed while others are fixed.
  • Implants are placed in the missing tooth roots below the gum line.
  • After several months of healing, the dentist uncovers the implants and attaches extensions.
  • The replacement teeth are attached to the extensions.

Anterior Replacement

  • This procedure is used for patients with missing front teeth.
  • The first step is to place implants below the gum line where tooth roots are missing.
  • After several months of healing period, the implants are uncovered, and the dentist will attach the extensions. The extensions hold the replacement teeth.

Full Lower Replacement

  • Implants can be used for fixed dentures to replace all lower teeth.
  • Four or six implants are placed in the front of the mouth. After a healing period of several months, a denture is anchored to the implants, holding it in place.

Posterior Replacement

  • When the bicuspids and molars need to be replaced, implants are set in place beneath the gum line.
  • The implants are allowed to heal for several months. At your follow-up visit, the dentist will uncover the implants and attach extensions. The replacement teeth are set in place on the extensions.

Replacing a Single Missing Tooth

  • The implant is set in the place where the tooth is missing and covered by the gum line.
  • The implant must heal for several months before it can be uncovered and the dentist can attach the extension.
  • The replacement tooth is attached to the extension and implant.

An ideal candidate for dental implants must have sufficient bone density and a healthy immune system. If you want to learn more about restore implants, please contact our office in Kalamazoo, MI.

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